Adam Selby



I’m a designer based in Denton, TX focused on working on campaigns for candidates such as Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez, Hilary Turner, and Delia Parker-Mims. In 2018, I volunteered on Beto O'Rourke’s landmark Senate campaign for six months. I previously designed an app for college students called Mochila. I also co-host and produce a podcast about music called Don't Feed the Artists. We’d love it if you listened. At my day job I manage Apple devices at University of North Texas.


This site is hosted by the fine folks at Linode and built with Pico, a wonderful flat-file CMS. Those files are (mostly) written in Markdown using the wonderful Mac app Whiskey. I don’t use any analytics, and you shouldn’t either.


Everything’s slightly out of date and hacked together—seriously, please don’t look too closely at the code—but some day I’ll stop restarting work on my new site and actually finish it. Until then, you can find me making things for first-time candidates.


Thanks for stopping by.