Since 2017, I’ve co-hosted and produced a podcast about independent music. I created our logo and show art, as well as manage the publishing side of our production after the episode has been (very lightly) edited.

While we started interviewing local musicians in the Denton/Dallas area, we’ve been making progress at having on bands from all over the country as they’re passing through on tour. Starting in 2019, we’re also adding a second mini show to our off weeks (when we don’t have a guest to interview) where we listen through a band or artist’s full studio discography. It’s the first podcast I’ve hosted or produced, and I’m excited to do more on both sides of the mic in the future.

Our logo’s typeface is the great DDC Hardware, by the legendary Aaron Draplin. It’s a seriously great font, and I’m really glad I found a great place to use it.

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The show art for Don’t Feed the Artists