Mochila Icon designed by Stephen Petrey

Mochila was a new way for students to get quick and easy access to things such as bus routes, buildings, dining halls, computer labs, and student-created events. After a year of planning, design, and development our team created an amazing app for college students across the United States. I designed the user interface for iOS and Android, marketing materials, website, interface and website icons, and edited our app preview video. My good friend Stephen Petrey created our amazing backpack icon for our company and apps, and provided direction for our logo branding in addition to creating our flagship feature icon for Buildings. Before Mochila’s shutdown, I managed our sponsorship, public relation, and support operations. We made the tough decision to shut down Mochila in late 2018, after serving over 50,000 students.

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From Left to Right

Dining Menus, Building Details, Home Screen, Bus Routes, Student Events.


Clockwise From Top Left

Dark Theme, Room Numbers, Notifications, Menus, Calendar Integration, School Colors.



Our app preview video for iOS